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Bedrooms: 3 BDR
Bathrooms: 3
Toilets: 4
Parking: 1
Guests: 6


Understated and elegant with thoughtful touches and beautiful finishes, Odile is tuned into the harmonious landscape both inside and out. Well suited for families and groups looking to relax in style, the property features large ceiling to floor windows with great views to the forest around Mt Annupuri and out to Mt Yotei. The entrance on the first floor is connected to the undercover garage, laundry and downstairs toilet. As you glide up the wide staircase – the next level features two very generous bedrooms both with modern ensuite and study desks, one with a bath and hero window facing out to the volcano. Between the two rooms is a sizeable undercover balcony next to a beautiful Japanese oak tree that stretches up to the floor above. Ascending the staircase to the top floor, the last bedroom is staggered on the way up and again features a beautiful open ensuite. The top floor is expansive and open with plenty of natural light and space to entertain. The modern kitchen with connected dining features loads of storage space and a quirky centerpiece lamp while the couched areas can draw your gaze towards the beautiful views outside, the bookshelves or to the TV.


  • • Air conditioning
  • • Ethanol fireplace
  • • Panoramic windows (with Mt Yotei views)
  • • On demand TV
  • • Free WiFi
  • • Fully equipped western style kitchen
  • • Car port
  • • Centralized heating
  • • Rice cooker
  • • Complimentary Winter shuttle service within Hirafu Village between 8:00am and 7:30pm.


3 bedroom
Bedroom One: 1 x King
Bedroom Two: 1 x King or 2 x Singles
Bedroom Three: 1 x King or 2 x Singles